TUES - FRI: 10am-7pm, SAT: 9am-1pm, MON: By Appointment 519-803-7435
TUES - FRI: 10am-7pm, SAT: 9am-1pm, MON: By Appointment 519-803-7435

Electrolysis Hair Removal

Electrolysis is a permanent hair removal treatment suitable for all hair types, particularly white, grey, blonde and red hairs.*

Electrolysis removes individual hairs from the face and body using a probe that distributes heat and energy to the root of the hair.  The electrolysis treatment destroys the root of the hair for permanent results. *


What it Treats*

The Electrolysis specializes in hair that is too difficult to be treated with laser hair removal.  This includes:

  • Blonde Hair Removal
  • Red Hair Removal
  • Grey Hair Removal
  • White Hair Removal

How Long Does a Treatment Last?

Average treatments last from 15 min to 30min depending on the body area.

Treatment Hours Necessary

  • Upper Lip (3-10 Hours Total/Average)
  • Chin (4-30 Hours Total/Average)
  • Neck (4-30 Hours Total/Average)
  • Sideburns (4-12 Hours Total/Average)
  • Eyebrows (3-8 Hours Total/Average)

How Many Treatments are needed?

Treatment programs are tailored to every individual. A treatment series can range from 1 to 20 depending on the number of hair being treating.

What to expect?

Post treatment you may experience some sensitivity, erythema, itching and possible scabbing.  It is important in preparation for your visit to not wax or tweeze the hairs. The hairs will be removed during your treatment.

When to book?

Appointments can be booked weekly. As the hair start to reduce, frequency of appointments will reduce until the hair is completely gone. Book your complimentary consultation today!

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