Stop Shaving, Start Saving: Visit our new Waterloo Laser Clinic!- AFYA Skin and Body Clinic

It’s summertime, which means people are showing more skin while they can. With more skin on display, it only makes sense that people are focusing on skincare more. For most people, summer skin means having hair-free, smooth skin.


Shaving is a common option to deal with unwanted hair, for both men and women. It’s quick, can be done at home, and is cheap. But shaving can get old quick, especially since it does not last long. It can also cause irritation or other skin issues.


Laser hair removal is the best and more effective long-term hair removal option. At AFYA, we use the Diolaze XL, the fastest and most pain-free laser on the market. Laser hair removal works by using a light that is attracted to the pigmentation at the base of a hair follicle. The laser then enters the follicle, destroying the base with a quick burst of heat. This effectively destroys unwanted hair while keeping the skin healthy and safe.


At AFYA, we offer laser hair removal for the upper body, lower body, bikini area, and face! This month we’re offering amazing savings on laser hair removal as well. When you buy TWO laser hair removal areas, you get another ONE FREE! That’s three laser hair removal treatment areas for the price of two.


AFYA has recently opened a brand new location in the Kitchener-Waterloo area. Stop by our new Waterloo Laser Clinic and cash in on this month’s amazing promotion. Be sure to check out our other sales this month, and contact us to book a complimentary skin consultation!

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