Contributed by Joelle Rodenburgh, AFYA Skin and Body Clinic


Smooth, soft and hair-free. This is the dream for many women who shave every day. It’s also completely obtainable with laser-hair-removal treatments.  


Now, the word laser may sound scary, painful even, but in all honesty, most clients say the same thing: “It wasn’t bad at all!”


How laser hair removal works is based on the premise that light is attracted to pigmentation in the base of the hair follicle. The darker the hair, the more light is attracted to it. The light from the laser destroys the base of the hair with heat. It enters the follicle and kills or damages the root, providing a long-term solution to unwanted hair growth. 


Unlike light that we see in a room, which fans out and covers a large area, laser light is focused. The laser has the ability to target the beam of light into a tight area, making the amount of heat more concentrated and effectively removing unwanted hair on the face and body.  


So why laser versus waxing or shaving? For starters, it’s a more permanent solution to unwanted hair removal. The costs of waxing or buying razors every couple of weeks for a lifetime certainly add up, while laser hair removal can be completed in five to eight treatments, saving you money in the long run. Yes, the cost is larger upfront, but if you do the math, the savings over a lifetime are huge. The biggest bonus, however, is minimal side effects. Laser hair removal is actually good for people who suffer from razor burn and ingrown hairs. Laser hair removal is relatively pain-free, and ingrown hairs become a thing of the past. Those unsightly bumps and painful irritations are eradicated with laser treatments.

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