Vaginal Labia Tightening in Guelph can help women with the aesthetic appearance, function and comfort of the vagina and labia.  The appearance and structure of the vagina and labia can change over time due to child birth, natural aging and menopause.  Tightening the labia and vagina with Votiva Vaginal Wellness treatment can be a life changing experience for many women as it can improve prolapse, loose skin, sexual function, dryness and bladder issues.



We provide a state-of-the-art safe and effective treatment called Votiva.  This treatment uses safe RF technology to naturally induce collagen regrowth to tighten the pelvic floor and reduce laxity in the muscle and skin tissue.  Our staff is professional and discreet to ensure your comfort. The treatments are performed by a physician or registered nurse with superior training and knowledge of the Votiva. This is the AFYA difference!