AFYA Skin and Body Clinic has a variety of treatments to tighten and firm the buttocks for a smoother, more lifted appearance. Skin laxity, lose of muscle tone and loss of volume can all lead to a sagging appearance of the buttocks.  Through combination therapy we are able to firm the skin, add back lost volume and increase muscle tone.  Each client’s shape and composition is unique and we specialize in putting together a comprehensive plan to help suite your individual goals.  


We use state-of-the-art technology and customized treatment plans to suit each individual’s needs.  We specialize in lifting, firming and toning treatments for the buttocks and are able to offer tangible results within just a few visits.* Our Evolve TONE treatment contours and lifts the buttocks muscles, while the Evolve TITE tightens and regenerates the skin.  The Scupltra injections help to contour and provide long term lifting that lasts years!*  Our specialists know how to treat the body with a unique set of treatments that is like no other in the industry! That is the AFYA difference!