AFYA Skin and Body Clinic takes a comprehensive approach to eliminating cellulite on the body.* When treating cellulite we have to focus on three major goals:

  1. Reduce the number of fat cells
  2. Tighten the skin tissue and
  3. Reduce the tension of the fibrous tissue that are pulling the skin into the dimpling formation.

In order to do this we would employ a combination therapy of BodyFX and Forma Plus Skin Tightening.


Our Cellulite treatments offer a solution to cellulite different than any other device on the market.  We use technology that destroys that fat instead of simply shrinking the fat; and the only machine that simultaneously tightens the skin, we offer the best solution for cellulite available.* This is the AFYA difference!


BodyFX offers Fat Loss and Cellulite Reduction with no pain and no downtime!* Using radio frequency and gentle pulses of heat, we contour the body into the shape you desire!
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Forma Plus Skin Tightening

Forma Skin Tightening uses radio frequency waves to encourage the natural production of collagen fibers, leaving a tighter, smoother complexion with no downtime!
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