Laser Hair Removal
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It’s summertime, which means people are showing more skin while they can. With more skin on display, it only makes sense that people are focusing on skincare more. For most people, summer skin means having hair-free, smooth skin.   Shaving is a common option to deal with unwanted hair, for both men and women. It’s...
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Spring is here, and after a long cold winter, people are ready for some warmth. For many people, that means finally addressing the unwanted body hair they let grow in over winter. Laser hair removal is the best option out there for people wanting permanent silky smooth skin.   It makes sense that people want...
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Contributed by Joelle Rodenburgh, AFYA Skin and Body Clinic   Smooth, soft and hair-free. This is the dream for many women who shave every day. It’s also completely obtainable with laser-hair-removal treatments.     Now, the word laser may sound scary, painful even, but in all honesty, most clients say the same thing: “It wasn’t bad at all!”...
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