There is a lot about skincare, and opinions on proper skincare techniques differ depending on who you ask. One thing most people agree on though is that exfoliation is important. But what exactly is it, and what does it do?


What is Exfoliation?

Exfoliation is simply the process of removing dead cells from the outer layer of the skin. This is done by either using a chemical or physical exfoliate. Chemical exfoliates are often done by professionals, as they take more skill and care. At-home exfoliation is typically done by using a physical exfoliating, such as a skincare tool or a textured scrub.


Why is Exfoliation Important?

Our skin is constantly repairing and healing itself. This means that dead cells are shed, leaving layers of dead skin over the healthy cells. Exfoliation helps remove these layers of dead skin, allowing the healthy skin to breathe. This creates a brighter complexion.


Exfoliation also helps reduce acne, as dead skin cells can clog pores causing oils to build up. Dead skin can also make it hard for skincare products to penetrate deep enough to actually work. Exfoliation is also important as it helps accelerate skin cell turnover and stimulates collagen production. This helps scars and other blemishes to heal and fade faster.


How to Exfoliate?

If you’ve never exfoliated your skin or face, we recommend you come in for a professional chemical exfoliation to start fresh. Then you can continue with regular at home-exfoliation, coming in for professional help as needed.


At-home exfoliation can be done using tools such as sponges, towels, brushes, and loofahs. Or you can use skincare products that have microbeads or sugar crystals in them. As long as it has a texture it should help clear dead skin cells. Simply rub the product or tool in gentle circular motions. Afterward, rinse properly with warm water, but then make sure to seal your pores with a cold rinse.


To learn more tips, or to book an exfoliation session, feel free to contact us!

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