Cellulite is the term used for the formation of the “dimples, lumps and bumps” that we experience in the skin.  It is often located on areas of the body such as thighs, stomach and upper arms. It is estimated that 80 to 90% of women experience cellulite during some point in their lives.  The exact cause of cellulite is still unknown but age, hormone levels and heredity aspects could play major roles in its formation.

The Good News is, Diminishing Cellulite Can be Difficult but Not Impossible!

Here are some suggestions for diminishing the appearance of cellulite:

    A good daily dry brushing before showering goes a long way to aid in detoxification and can flush out excess fluid that makes cellulite look worse.


    While cellulite creams won’t completely remove cellulite, they can diminish it by increasing circulation, tightening skin and detoxifying the body.  Look for ingredients such as Caffeine, Retinol, Vitamin C, L-Carnatine and Peptides.


    Eating a diet full of veggies and non-processed foods is the best way to keep extra fluid from building up under the skin. It will also help keep the elasticity to your skin.

    There are a lot of different types of cellulite reduction treatments.  Most treatments up until recently deal with one or two of the three aspects of cellulite.  Thankfully now we have the first solution to deal with all of the causes of cellulite.  This treatment is called BodyFX.  This treatment:
    1) Permanently destroys the fat lying beneath the skin (those pesky lumps and bumps),
    2) Tightens skin tissue by increasing collagen production using RF technology and
    3) Stretches out the fibers that are pulling on the skin (the dimpling effect) using heat and suction.
    This fully comprehensive treatment can aid in diminishing even the most stubborn cellulite!

    Treatments such as laser assisted liposuction with subcision can be used to break up the fibers sitting under the skin tissue and smooth the look of the cellulite.  The drawback is that in some cases can make cellulite unexpectedly worse, and all types of surgery have some medical risks involved.


With the warm summer days here, it is a good idea to start on any at-home or clinical cellulite treatments.  For more information on non-invasive laser treatments, book a Complimentary Consultation online or call 519-803-7435.

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