Welcome to AFYA Skin and Body Clinic

The word AFYA means healthy in the African language of Swahili. To Joelle Rodenburgh, owner of AFYA Skin and Body Clinic located on Suffolk Street, being healthy overall, inside and out, is very important.  “It’s all about confidence,” says Rodenburgh. “Feeling confident inside, radiates on the outside and having great skin often helps with that overall glow and feeling.”

AFYA Skin and Body Clinic first opened its doors in November 2016 and has been helping women and men achieve more than just beautiful skin ever since.

“I started AFYA to help empower people, to help them feel comfortable in their skin and help them to feel confident that their appearance reflects how they feel on the inside,” says Rodenburgh.

“Everything in life is about trying to achieve a state of beauty and enjoyment. And I am not just talking about the focus on physical beauty when I say that, but more so trying to achieve a beautiful feeling internally through our ambitions and efforts in life. We, as people, spend time, effort and money creating beautiful spaces to live through architecture, interior design, art and fashion, music and our everyday surroundings so it only makes sense that we also like to put effort into ourselves as well. We are all beautiful, each and every one of us, and taking that time for ourselves to look our best often helps us to feel our best.”

 Welcome to a Healthier You

When you first walk into AFYA’s downtown location, it’s hard not to notice the beautiful surroundings. The esthetics of the room are a contemporary fusion of brick and beam paired with luxury and warmth. Overall, it’s a place that offers a welcoming entrance allowing AFYA’s clients to feel at ease as soon as they walk in the door.

Much like going to a gym, AFYA provides a place for self-care on the outside, which has an effect on the inside.  But making the decision to use technology to better the skin and body can be intimidating to some. With four caring, compassionate and highly trained staff who treat their clients like family, that intimidation factor is easily put to rest

AFYA’s staff offer a professional approach and welcoming demeanor that instills confidence in their clients. Not only do they make you feel at home, while you receive a treatment, but the results that are achieved are spectacular.

“We exercise and eat well to feel good about our appearance but since we cannot work out our skin we can use technologies such as lasers, ultrasound, radio frequency, infrared light, intense pulsed light, micro-needling and various exfoliation techniques to achieve brighter, tighter, better looking skin.

“Skin health is important it has an effect on your emotion and mental well-being. it is also a reflection of your overall health as a person.”

Rodenburgh adds: “It is important to help prevent free radical damage which can lead to skin cell mutations, such as skin cancer.”

“We believe that achieving healthy skin means combining regularly scheduled facials with the best in skin care and treating issues that arise from free radical damage and aging factors.  Our skin was meant to be smooth, tight and flawless, just as we were born with.


by Christina Marshall

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