Votiva Vaginal Wellness: The Downlow on the Down Below Treatment

4 Conditions Votiva Vaginal Rejuvenation Helps With- AFYA Skin and Body

Why Votiva?

Ladies, this will give you more information on what goes on ‘down there’. Votiva Vaginal Wellness deals with concerns regarding the health of your lady bits, and they can be medical issues, physical and even purely aesthetic. The problems are not necessarily just related to you since it may significantly affect your partner as well.

The most common concerns that women have surrounding their health are urinary incontinence, both stress, and overactive bladder incontinence as well as vaginal atrophy and laxity. You may be wondering what some of these are or perhaps all the above and if they affect you or not.  Well, stress incontinence occurs when you laugh, cough or try to do some physical activities and overactive bladder incontinence happens when the bladder itself has spasms and urine loss occurs before you can engage the muscles to hold it. These concerns are common in women who are aging and believe it or not a lot of younger women suffer from them as well.

Vaginal atrophy and laxity occur predominantly due to age and childbearing. With childbirth, the muscles of the vagina and bladder may be stretched. In addition, the skin becomes thinner, dryer and more sensitive. The decrease in sensitivity and response has the potential to make sexual activity painful and not as enjoyable as it once was. Votiva is uniquely designed to address these issues. You may be thinking, this all sounds great but how does it do this? We have some answers for you below.

How Does Votiva Work?

Well, Votiva uses two methods to ensure optimal tightening of both the skin and muscle tissue of the vaginal canal, labia minora, and labia majora. There are two treatments involved in Votiva and your treatment can involve one or both. The first uses the Plus90 handpiece where bipolar radiofrequency induces uniform deep heat into the muscle and skin tissue internally and externally for improvement in muscle tone and blood flow. Since the handpiece has a real-time thermometer, the vaginal areas can be warmed to the precise therapeutic temperature required to stimulate collagen and elastic tissues to become tight again.

The second portion of the treatment that is used in partnership with the Votiva Plus90 Treatment is Fractora ‘V’. The Fractora ‘V’ handpiece is the first and only non-surgical treatment to address female external genital concerns both for function and appearance. Fractora ‘V’ uses a mildly invasive technique where the micropin device delivers radiofrequency waves externally for optimal tightening. Many women opt to couple the Votiva Treatment with Fractora ‘V’ which helps to tone the appearance of the labia and external genitals. Compared to having a labiaplasty and vaginal reconstructive surgeries choosing the Votiva with Fractora ‘V’ is a no brainer.

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