When people hear “cholesterol” they typically think of heart issues. However, cholesterol is simply a waxy substance found in blood and it necessary to build healthy cells. Cholesterol build-up in the heart is bad and can lead to issues, but did you know cholesterol can also deposit on your face?


What are cholesterol deposits?

A cholesterol deposit is a fatty, yellowish lump that forms around the eyes. They’re generally harmless, although they embarrass many people. The technical term for them is xanthelasma. These lumps are soft, and often form on the eyelids or near the inner corner of the eyes.


The good news is that cholesterol deposits are natural, and usually are harmless. They do not hurt or itchy, but if they get too big can cause eyelids to droop. Although they are typically harmless, they may hint at bigger medical problems so be sure to check with your doctor.


What causes cholesterol deposits?

There is no definitive answer to what causes them to form. It’s often associated with abnormal lipid levels in the blood, known as dyslipidemia. Cholesterol deposits can appear at any age, but often appears around middle age and are more common in women than men. Secondary causes for cholesterol include lifestyle factors such as diet, weight, and exercise levels.


How do you treat cholesterol deposits?

Here at AFYA, we recommend using vasculsye to remove and treat cholesterol deposits. Vasculyse is a safe and non-invasive procedure that effectively treats a range of skin blemishes. It works by sending a mild electro-current want to remove the unwanted deposits. The skin around the cholesterol deposit will dehydrate and flake, eventually falling off. This is a better alternative to surgery, but larger spots may need surgical intervention. Always consult with a doctor will to make sure your cholesterol deposits are not a sign of something more serious.


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