Scared of Wrinkle Injections? Let Us Ease Your Fears

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Wrinkle injections have been an increasingly popular treatment over the years. One of the biggest obstacles our clients have to overcome is their fear. Lots of people are afraid of injecting something into their skin, especially if they don’t know much about it. We go through the entire process during our complimentary consultations, but let us ease some of the most common fears about wrinkle injections.


“It Won’t Look Natural”

This is one of the biggest fears about wrinkle injections. We’ve all seen the wrinkle injections jokes in media where the character has a stiff, frozen face. The truth is that most wrinkle injectors would never go to that extent. Here at AFYA, we specialize in natural-looking injections. During the consultation process, we’ll discuss your goals for the procedure and accomplish it with the most natural results.


“It’s Going to Hurt”

We all know the pain of a shot going into our arm, but thankfully wrinkle injections are nowhere near as painful as that, despite the use of a needle. Any injections can hurt, but wrinkle injections needles are very small, which means pain is kept minimal. The area can also be numbed ahead of time so that the pain is ever less. Most clients feel a little bruising discomfort later after the numbing cream wears off, rather than during the procedure.


“There are Side Effects”

Any procedure or drug has side effects. The good news is that wrinkle injections side effects are very minimal and rare. Most of the side effects are related to the injection rather than the drug, and thankfully we have a team of highly trained and experienced injectors at AFYA. Some redness, small bumps, or bruising may occur afterward, but these tend to go away quickly. More serious side effect such as lasting numbness, asymmetry, or drooping are due to poor technique or placement, but wrinkle injections injected by a trained injector won’t cause this.


“I Don’t Want to Maintain it”

One of the biggest pros and cons of wrinkle injection is that it’s temporary. If you don’t like how it looks thankfully it won’t be permanent. The downside is that if you do like you’ll have to keep it up. Maintenance is one of the most frustrating parts of beauty and skincare, but it’s worth the effort and money. The good news is that often people need less wrinkle injections as time goes on. With appropriately frequent treatments, the muscles will become “trained” in a sense, which means less wrinkle injection is needed to keep wrinkles and fine lines away.


“I Don’t Want to Seem Vain”

Society is hypocritical at times about beauty. We’re taught that people should look a certain way, but when people try to achieve this they’re criticized. It’s the classic “damned if you do, damned if you don’t” situation. One thing we always stress is that beauty and skincare is less about vanity and more about self-care. Looking good helps people feel good. Taking care of your skin and feeling confident isn’t vanity. Remember, self-care isn’t selfish.


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