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TUES - FRI: 10am-7pm, SAT: 9am-1pm, MON: By Appointment 519-803-7435

It’s More Than Just Skin Deep Research

They say that it’s important to love the skin you’re in and part of that loving should be taking care of it with a routine that will make your skin radiant!

Considering that your skin is the body’s largest organ, it’s important that you keep it healthy. Every type of skin is unique so understanding your skin is key to keeping it at it’s best.

Different skin types such as oily, dry or combination in conjunction with various skin conditions such as acne and dehydration can cause your glow to diminish overtime. Essentially without the correct care your skin is going to age faster. Another thing to consider when it comes to skin health –  environmental factors such as UV damage and pollution could make your most important organ look like the least cared for part of your body.

The key is good skin care products. Skinceuticals is a line of skin care products that are completely backed by scientific research. Containing ingredients that help to prevent skin damage from the inside out, there is a line of care for every type of skin condition and type you can think of.

Antioxidants are one of the best ways to help prevent premature aging. SkinCeuticals use L-Ascorbic Acid aka Vitamin C, since it is the best antioxidant for your skin. Years of research have gone into perfecting how to maximize their benefits. SkinCeuticals’ Vitamin C Serums are clinically proven to improve the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and skin tone. They help to neutralize free radicals in your skin, which means they protect you from environmental damage.

Why Are SkinCeuticals Serums the Best Available?

Their serums are synergistic, high-concentration antioxidants that are designed for optimized absorption in skin and proven in peer-review research to help prevent free radical damage that can lead to the appearance of premature aging.  These peer-reviewed studies go above and beyond any other skin care line.  Having physicians from all of the world proving the efficacy of their formulation. They pay special attention to how the Vitamin C is manufactured in the product.  This ensures you have the most potent, most usable, most active form of vitamin c in your skin. Skin Ceutical is known industry wide for having the top Vitamin C serums available.

The reason we at AFYA carry the SkinCeuticals line of products is because of the science that has gone into their creation. It is simply the best on the market . With a network of some of the leading scientists from the fields of molecular biology, chemistry and biophysics, SkinCeuticals is working hard on research to gain a deeper understanding of skin health, preventative measures, skin aging and types and conditions. Their goal is to maintain a leadership role in the world of caring for your biggest organ and that’s kind of the same goal we at AFYA have.

So back to the beginning, they say you should love the skin you are in … at AFYA we think the same thing , so why not love your skin with the best products, a comprehensive skin routine  and years of scientific research that will leave your skin feeling the best that it every has!

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