Technology is constantly changing, and that extends to skincare technology too! This constantly shifting industry means clients are often confused as to which procedure is best for them. Fractora and Fraxel are two treatments that aim to improve overall skin texture by using fractional technology.


Fractora Skin Resurfacing uses radiofrequency energy to stimulate the skin’s natural healing process and increase collagen production on the skin through the gentle heat it creates. Fractora works by destroying damaged skin tissue and promoting the production of new skin cells in order to create a tighter, smoother, and younger complexion.


Fraxel lasers use light energy to promote collagen production in the skin. The lasers emit different wavelengths but are better suited to lighter skin tones not making this a great option for people with a darker complexion. Fraxel lasers are non-ablative, meaning they don’t touch the top layer of the skin. This means this treatment can only treat superficial issues.


Here at AFYA Skin and Body Clinic, we use Fractora over Fraxel. We love how Fractora can be used on all skin types and how it can treat skin issues that range from superficial to deep, unlike Fraxel. Contact us today to learn how Fractora Skin Resurfacing can help you and to book an appointment! Smooth skin is only a call away.


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