Almost everyone has some form of Cellulite, whether it’s on your legs, butt, thighs. The big question is how do you lose cellulite? 

There are 4 grades of cellulite. 

At AFYA Skin and Body Clinic we have made this process easy for you with our Evolve TRIM treatment. 

TRIM’s unique suctioning system helps to break up the strands of tissue that are pulling the skin into the “dimpling” that we refer to as cellulite.  The radio-frequency heat increases collagen production for thicker, smoother skin while the electric pulsing bursts unwanted fat tissue to reduce the size of the fat pockets.  These three results simultaneously work together to offer the most comprehensive and effective cellulite reduction in the industry.

TRIM also offers fat loss using electric pulsing to destroy the unwanted fat tissue while the radio frequency increases the density of the skin, tightening it for a more contoured figure.

Following your Evolve TRIM Treatment, there are 3 important steps to ensure your skin stays healthy!

1 – Drink LOTS of water! 

Drinking at least 8 cups of water daily will improve the strength of collagen and connective tissue in your skin. This will make your skin much firmer. Drinking water will also help with wrinkles, and will help your skin look smoother and you will have a healthy glow!

2 – Changing up your diet! 

Now we’re not saying change it complexly, but added more healthier options is what you’re body needs! Reducing some carbohydrates can be exactly what you need! Fruits and vegetables are your body’s best friend! 

3 – Products!

Contrast showers are great to help reduce cellulite – Showering with warm water, then cool water, it improves circulation, stimulates cell renewal, and activates your metabolism.

Using a great skin tightening product is exactly what you’ll need for maximum results! 

Vivier – GrenzCine Body is the perfect cream post TRIM Treatment. Nourish your body and feel amazing as this anti-aging innovation brightens, moisturizes, firms and exfoliates your skin. The GrenzCine Body is ideal to use with clinic body treatments. This cream will increase volume of the skin and boosting the collagen from inside. 

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