Being environmentally friendly has been a trend in almost every industry in the past few years. As a result, veganism has been on the rise. Many vegans are concerned about the environmental and ethical issues that come from eating and using animal by-products.


Living according to a vegan diet is easy these days. However, for those that want to live a fully vegan lifestyle the beauty world can be a challenge. A lot of people are surprised to learn that many beauty brands use animal byproducts in their products.


For those who are vegan and are interested in wrinkle injections, you may be wondering whether this product is vegan-friendly. The answer isn’t simple.


As a product, wrinkle injections are vegan-friendly. However, in order to make sure the product is safe wrinkle injections are tested on animals. For many vegans, this would make the product not vegan-friendly.


The good news is that Allergan, the parent company of wrinkle injections, has set out to eliminate animal testing by 95% in the next three years. Many cosmetic companies want to phase out animal testing but are required by law to because they’re classified as medical products.


At AFYA we aim to make all of our clients feel comfortable and safe while addressing their skin and body needs. If you are a vegan, please notify our staff ahead of time so that we can be sure all products used for treatments are accommodating for your lifestyle.


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