8 Skin Care Tips Every Woman Should Know- AFYA Skin and Body Clinic

Happy International Women’s Day! Here at AFYA, we think strong women deserve to be celebrated. Being a woman can be tough- from impossible gender stereotypes to unobtainable beauty standards. However, having healthy skin is a great way to feel confident as you face the world. Skin care and beauty trends are constantly changing, but here are a few tips that every woman should know and follow to feel and look their best!


1. Don’t Pick at Pimples

It can be super tempting to pop a pimple, but resist the temptation! Picking at spots can cause scarring and infection. Acne scarring is actually caused by picking rather than the acne itself! Instead use cleansers, pimple patches, or come in for acne treatment to help clear up your skin.


2. Don’t Forget to Moisturize

Hydrated skin equals healthy skin, remember that! Make sure you’re keeping your skin hydrated by moisturizing it regularly. Even if you have oily skin find a product that tailors to that. Dry skin can lead to other issues, so it’s best to avoid it. If your skin is super dry, come in for a hydrating facial to refresh it.


3. Don’t Sleep With Makeup On

One of the easiest and best things you can do for your skin is removing your makeup before bed. If you keep it on, you’re leaving your pores clogged, which can cause acne. Always wash your face and cleanse your skin. If it’s late and you’re tired, at a minimum use a makeup wipe to remove it!


4. Don’t Forget about Sunscreen

Did you know skin cancer is the most common form of cancer in Canada? People often only put on sunscreen when going to the beach, but you really should be wearing it every day. Don’t forget to apply it during the winter months as well!


5. Don’t Skip Exfoliation

Dead skin can make your skin look dull and cause pores to clog up, which in turn leads to larger pores, oil excretion, and acne. When doing your beauty routine, don’t skip exfoliation otherwise you’re sabotaging your cleansing and moisturizing efforts.


6. Don’t Neglect Your Overall Health

Want to know the real secret to healthy skin? Being healthy overall! Our skin is a reflection of our physical and mental health. Drink plenty of water, eat well, and exercise regularly. These efforts will show in your skin! Mental health is also important, so make sure you’re taking time to focus on that as well.


7. Don’t Use Old Razors

How often do you change our your razor? Chances are probably not as much as you should. Shaving, especially with an old razor, can cause irritation to the skin. If you notice razor burn or small bumps appearing after you shave it may be time to get a new razor or look at other hair removal options.


8. Don’t Be Afraid to Get Help

Sometimes even the best at-home skin care routine just won’t work. Everyone needs professional help at times, and that’s why we’re here! We offer a range of treatments that can make your skin healthier, tighter, and smoother. Contact us today to set up a complimentary consultation to see how we can make your skin glow so that you feel confident and beautiful!



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