Winkle injections are extremely popular today, providing natural results. Wrinkle injections works by relaxing muscles, and in turn, helps smooth fine lines and wrinkles. Here at AFYA, we use wrinkle injections to create smoother more youthful looking skin. While wrinkle injections might be great for wrinkles, it can also help with a surprising number of other conditions.


Crossed Eyes

Before wrinkle injections became a staple in skin care and cosmetic surgery, it was used to treat people with crossed eyes. In fact, this was the original purpose of these injections. It was first used to treat crossed eyes in 1981 and became approved for this treatment in 1989. Wrinkle injections are injected into the muscles that control eye movements, which reduces the appearance of crossed eyes.



Excessive sweating is one thing we treat using wrinkle injections here at AFYA. For some people, showers and deodorant just doesn’t cut it when it comes to sweating and body odor. Excessive sweating can be extremely embarrassing and uncomfortable, but thankfully wrinkle injections can help.


Chronic Pain

Research has found that wrinkle injections can help people suffering from chronic pain. The injections provide temporary muscle relaxation, helping reduce muscular hyperactivity. Wrinkle injections works particularly well for people with neck and shoulder pain.



Anyone that has ever had a migraine knows how painful they can be. Luckily, people that suffer from chronic migraines and headaches can get relief from wrinkle injections. Wrinkle injections was actually approved to treat migraines in 2010 and has been increasingly used to treat this condition since.


Overactive Bladder

Bladder issues are never fun to deal with or talk about. At Afya we offer Votiva treatments to help with vaginal and bladder issues, but wrinkle injections can also be used to treat this condition. Injections aren’t usually recommended until traditional medications and less invasive treatments are tried first, but results are promising.



A more recent discovery found that wrinkle injections could help in managing acne. Not all acne disappears with adolescence or a good face washing routine. When wrinkle injections are injected into the skin it eliminates large pores and slows down oil production, which helps manage breakouts. It’s a relatively newer method for acne treatment, so at AFYA we still recommend chemical peels and IPL photo rejuvenation treatments first.


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