They say our eyes are the window into our soul, but they can also give away our age. As our skin ages, you may notice fine lines and wrinkles begin to settle in around your eyes. This is perfectly natural, but not everyone is excited about them. Here are a few steps you can take to reduce the appearance of them.


Avoid Sun Exposure

The sun can be extremely damaging to our skin. It’s also the number one cause of wrinkles. Make sure to protect your face from prolonged sun exposure but wearing hats, but it’s also a great idea to include products containing SPF into your beauty routine. Sunscreen should be worn all year long to help protect against UV rays.


Check Your Eyes

As we age our sense of sight begins to fade, even if we never had any previous eye issues. Make sure to get your eyes regularly checked. Squinting can from grooves that lead to wrinkles. If you already wear contacts or glasses but still find yourself squinting, make sure your prescription is up to date!


Apply Eye Cream

Eye cream might sound like an old lady product, but the soon you integrate it into your beauty routine the longer you get to stay looking young! Be sure to check out some of the product lines we carry, many of which include a nourishing and protective eye cream to fight wrinkles.


Remove Eye Makeup

If there is one beauty tip we constantly preach at AFYA, it’s to always remove makeup before bed. Not only will removing eye makeup prevent impurities that cause wrinkles, but it is also healthier for your eyes. Wearing eye make up for long periods, and sleeping in it, can cause eye irritation and infections, which is never good.


Look into Injections

Facial injections such as wrinkle injections might sound scary, but we promise it’s not as bad as it looks. In terms of pain, it’s nothing more than a pinch as the needle goes in and some slight bruising after. Wrinkle injections are the best way to reduce fine lines and wrinkles! Feel free to contact us to learn more, or to book a complimentary skin consultation.

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