5 Reasons Our Skincare Clinic Loves Vivier Products-AFYA Skin and Body Clinic Waterloo and Guelph

The beauty market is oversaturated today. There are tons of brands and products out there, and it can be hard to find a reliable company for your beauty needs. Not only do people want quality skincare products that treat their issues, but they also want to purchase from an ethical company. That’s why at AFYA, we love Vivier. We think you’ll love them too! Here are just some of the reasons we recommend Vivier skin care products at our clinic.


They’re the Only Pharmaceutical Skincare Brand in Canada

Most of the popular skincare brands are made by beauty companies. Vivier Pharma Skin Care is considered a pharmaceutical company, however. That means that the products made by Vivier are held to a higher standard than most products. Vivier is held to the highest standards of purity and efficacy in Canada!


They Don’t Test on Animals

Not only does Vivier have high purity standards, and they also don’t test their products on animals! This is great news for those concerned about animal-welfare rights. In addition to being a cruelty-free company, most of Vivier’s products are also vegan!


They Care About the Environment

Did you know that beauty companies are some of the worst environmental polluters? Vivier wants to change that. They use plant-based ingredients in addition to having mostly vegan-friendly products. Vivier also uses Forest Stewardship Certified outer packaging and biodegradable microbeads. The company also aims to minimize waste and have sustainable business practices.


Their Products Really Work

Due to Vivier being a pharmaceutical company, their products work better than many others. Their Vitamin C serums, some of the most popular products, use the most effective form of vitamin C to protect against skin cancer and premature aging. Their anti-aging line also reducing fine lines while plumping the skin for a more youthful appearance!


They Offer a Range of Products

Whether you want smoother skin or brighter skin, Vivier has a product for you. They offer a range of skincare products that treat a ton of common skincare issues. Some of AFYA’s favorite products include their Vitamin C scrub for exfoliation, the GrenzCine serum for firmer skin, and the skin brightening cream for a lovely complexion!


Want to learn more about Vivier skin care or want to purchase some of these amazing products? Contact us or visit our Guelph and Waterloo clinics!

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