Lip injections have become incredibly popular in the past few years. Even though they’ve become more common, there are still a ton of misconceptions out there about lip fillers that people believe. We’re here to set the record straight and debunk some of the most common myths about lip injections out there!


Myth 1: They’ll stretch out your lips forever

We often get people coming into our clinic worried that once they start lip fillers they’ll have to keep them up otherwise their lips will become saggy. This is definitely not true. Lip injections actually stimulate natural collagen production; this is why they appear plump even after the body begins to naturally break down the fillers. You can quit fillers cold turkey and your lips will simply return to their natural state.


Myth 2: If they look bad there’s no fixing them

One reason people are scared to get lip fillers is that they don’t want “duck lips”. Here at AFYA, we aim for naturally full lips and don’t overdo it. However, if you are unhappy with the final results you’re not stuck with them forever. Some fillers take longer to break down than others, but your lips will return to normal within a year or so. We can also inject an eraser enzyme to help dissolve the filler if you want to reverse the effects. In other words, lip fillers are always temporary and there are methods to reverse them if you’re unhappy with the final look.


Myth 3: Lip fillers always look unnatural

It’s true that some people become a little addicted to getting lip injections. They get them too frequently, which creates the dreaded unnatural “duck lip” look. We aim for naturally plump lips. Most people should not be able to tell you’ve gotten your lips done. The results are completely natural looking! The key to getting natural-looking lip injections is to go to a trained professional and being honest about how often you get them done.


Myth 4: Lip injections are only for people with thin lips

While it’s true that most people get lip injections to add volume, like Kylie Jenner, that’s not the only reason. We also get clients who get fillers to fix undefined Cupid’s bow, asymmetry or balance the top and bottom lips. Lip injections can also help with turned down corners or dry and cracked lips.


Myth 5: They’re only for females

We do tend to get more women than men who come in for lip fillers, but that doesn’t mean this treatment is solely for them. Men too can be insecure about their lips’ appearance. There used to be a stigma around self-care and masculinity, but thankfully in this day and age, that stereotype is fading. More men are realizing that there is nothing wrong with taking care of their appearance. So for men out there wanting lip injections, come on in! We have a number of male clients that have been pleased with their lip filler results.


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