The weather is warming, the sun is shining, and soon the flower will be blooming. It’s officially springtime! The cold and dry winter months can be harsh on our skin, so be sure to revitalize your skin by following these spring skincare tips!


1. Spring Clean Products

Spring-cleaning isn’t just for your home. Make sure you kick off the season by going through all of your skincare and beauty products. Get rid of anything that’s expired. Replace or clean all of your make-up brushes. And if you wear different products in the cooler months start swapping in your warmer month ones.


2. Prepare for Allergies

For a lot of people, the beauty of spring comes with a downside- the onset of allergies. If you have seasonal allergies you may find your skin red, irritated, or dry. When you go to pick up your allergy medicine be sure to get a few skincare products that help reduce redness or itching.


3. Rehydrate After Winter

Winter air is harsh on our skin. The most common problem is that it makes our skin impossibly dry, which can lead to itchiness and flaking. Refresh and rehydrate your skin by coming in for a facial. This will make sure you enter spring with healthy, moisturized, and glowing skin!


4. Start with Sunscreen

We always preach that people should be wearing sunscreen all year round. However, now that it’s warmer and the sun is shining more this becomes even more important. Make sure you wear sunscreen or SPF products to protect your skin from sun damage!


5. Show Some Skin

Now that we can begin to shed off our winter coats, it’s time to start thinking about showing some skin. It’s not uncommon for our clients to lapse on their hair removal treatments during the winter months. We can’t blame them, who’s seeing it anyway? If you’re interested in smooth skin this springtime book a laser hair removal treatment today!


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