Cellulite is one of the most common skin conditions women suffer from. Cellulite is the term for dimpled flesh that often appears on the thighs, hips, buttocks, and stomach. Many people are deeply embarrassed by it, partly due to all of the myths and misconceptions surrounding it. Cellulite is perfectly natural, and at AFYA we believe everyone should be confident regardless. To break the stigma, we’ve debunked some of the most common myths about cellulite you might hear!


Myth 1: Only Unhealthy People Get Cellulite

This is one of the most common misconceptions about cellulite. Cellulite is completely natural and normal. Almost anyone can, and will, get it! Being overweight can indeed make the appearance of cellulite more noticeable. The more fat under the skin, the more likely it is to put stress on the connective tissues and bulge out. Anyone can get cellulite though, even the healthiest fittest people. It’s not a sign of healthiness so don’t stress!


Myth 2: Only Women Get Cellulite

This myth is partially based on truth. Women are more likely to get cellulite than men, but men can absolutely get it as well. Women tend to carry more fat around their hips and thighs, which is were cellulite most commonly appears. Men also have more supportive connective tissue to keep fat in place. This means that cellulite is less likely to show. Overall though, around 10% of men suffer from cellulite, so it’s not only women!


Myth 3: Products such as Skin-Firming Creams Can Cure Cellulite

If there were a product that magically cured cellulite, our skincare clinic would be the first to sell it! Many products claim to cure cellulite, but while they might temporarily reduce the appearance of it, they don’t actually have long-term effects. The best treatments for reducing cellulite are BodyFX and Forma Skin Tightening. These treatments are non-invasive and have been proven to work!


Myth 4: Liposuction is the Best Cure for Cellulite

If cellulite is your issue, liposuction should not be your solution. Liposuction is an invasive procedure that sucks fat out of certain areas. In theory, it should help as it removed fat, which is what causes the skin to dimple. In reality, liposuction can make the fat distribution even more uneven. The main goal of this procedure is fat loss, so unless that’s your main goal you shouldn’t use it for cellulite reduction.


Myth 5: Only a Doctor Can Help with Cellulite

As frustrating as cellulite can be, it’s not a medical condition. This means that it doesn’t require a medical professional to treat it. Many dermatologists and plastic surgeons do treat cellulite, but they charge hefty fees. It’s perfectly safe to go to a skin clinic or medispa like AFYA! At AFYA we have trained, experienced, and licensed staff that can help you with any skincare needs, including cellulite reduction. Feel free to contact us to learn more about cellulite reduction or book a complimentary skin consultation to learn which treatment you could most benefit from!

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