Winter is officially here. The icy air impacts your skin more than making it cold. Winter is the harshest season on the skin, making it dry, itchy, and irritated. Luckily, there are a few treatments available to banish dry skin. Here is how a professional facial can help you!



A key step in our facials involves exfoliation. Dry skin can cause dead skin cells to not fall away as quickly. This creates a build-up, which leads the skin rough and pores clogged. Exfoliation clears away all the dead, dry skin and stimulates the skin’s natural renewal process.



The dry winter air can cause dead skin cells to accumulate and clog pores on the face. These clogged pores can then lead to blemishes or visible pores. While daily cleansing like washing one’s face or removing makeup can help, a facial can provide a deep cleansing that is much needed in the cooler months.



The number one thing cold winter air does to the skin is dry it out. The dryness is what causes skin to itch, turn red, flake, and crack. A professional facial will increase the water content in the skin, making it smooth and hydrated again. A hydrating facial will help relieve all of the winter skin issues and leave you feeling prepared to take on the snow.


At Home Care

We always recommend our clients follow a few at home tips in between facials. Remove any makeup before bed to limit the amount of debris clogging pores. Limit showers and baths as hot water can also dry out skin. Remember to apply moisturizer and sunscreen every day!


Call us to book a facial to rejuvenate your dry winter skin today or to book a complimentary skin consultation to see what other treatments could help your skin!

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