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Now that we’re a few weeks into the New Year, it’s time to look at what trends we expect to see in the aesthetic and skincare industry this year. Overall, we’re noticing a shift towards more natural-looking results and more environmentally friendly products, which you’ll see reflected in these skincare trends on the rise.


Mini-Lip Fillers

Kylie Jenner has been credited with the massive trend in lip fillers and injections. The reality star and beauty mogul popularized plump lips, and this has been the trend for the past few years. That is slowly starting to change though. These days people are looking for more natural-looking fillers rather than oversized. At AFYA, we offer half syringes for a Mini-Lip Plump and we also do corrective work if you’ve overfilled in the past!


Pharmaceutical Grade Cosmetics & Products

More than ever before, people are caring about what they put on their skin. This has led to a rise in what some are calling “cosmecuetical” products. These cosmetic products use pharmaceutical grade materials, which means they have to meet more rigorous standards. At AFYA, we always recommend Vivier Skin, which is a premium pharmaceutical grade skincare line!


Personalized Skincare

Not all skin is created equal. Every person’s skin is different and now we’re at an age where skincare treatments and products are reflecting that. The industry is moving beyond “skin types” into personalized skincare. At AFYA we provide complimentary skin consultations where we can recommend which treatments and products are perfect for your needs.


Kick-off your New Year by investing in yourself and your skin! Book a complimentary skin consultation today.

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