Body FX is an innovative body and skin treatment that provides non-invasive body contouring. It uses radiofrequency and gentle pulses of heat to contour the body, reduce cellulite, and tighten skin. It’s one of the best fat loss and body shaping treatments on the market that is a non-surgical alternative to liposuction. Here are the skin and body issues this treatment can help you with.


Cellulite Reduction

Body FX has a unique suctioning system that helps break up the bands of tissue that causes the skin to dimple, which is what we refer to as cellulite. The radiofrequency increases the body’s natural production of collagen, resulting in thicker and smoother skin. At the same time, the electric pulses burst unwanted fat tissue, reducing fat pockets that also contribute to cellulite.


Fat Loss & Body Contouring

Body FX is the only non-invasive machine on the market that actually destroys fat cells rather than just shrinking them. Fat tissue is heated beyond 46 degrees, and electric pulses are used to destroy unwanted far tissue. At the same time, radiofrequency pulses increase the density of the skin, contouring the target areas.


Skin Tightening

While Body FX is primarily a fat loss and cellulite reduction treatment, it also tightens loose or sagging skin. The device taps into the body’s natural collagen production, leading to denser, tighter, and smoother skin.


Where can Body FX be used?

At our AFYA Guelph & Waterloo clinics, we offer Body FX and Mini FX for various areas on the body. The most common areas for cellulite reduction are the thighs and stomach. For fat loss, we often target areas that may not respond to traditional far loss methods such as diet and exercise such as the thighs, stomach, chin, upper arms, above the knee, upper back, and love handles.


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