June 2020
5 Best Skin Treatments for Men- AFYA Skin and Body Clinic
Traditionally, skincare is thought of as a feminine activity. Thankfully the modern man has realized just how important taking care of his skin is! Skincare is something that everyone should do, regardless of gender. Here are some of the best skin treatments for men to try.   Facials If you’re not sure where to start...
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Our skin naturally wrinkles as we age due to decreased collagen and elasticity in the skin. Thankfully, we don’t have to live with unwanted wrinkles and fine lines these days. At AFYA we offer a number of wrinkle injections that tighten and smooth out your skin! Many people are nervous about injections though, often due...
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AFYA Skin and Body Clinic are thrilled to announce that we are back! Our Guelph and Waterloo clinics are up and running again, however, you may notice that things are a bit different.   We are currently only offering a limited range of treatments, but as more staff is allowed to return we will be...
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