February 2019
  Winkle injections are extremely popular today, providing natural results. Wrinkle injections works by relaxing muscles, and in turn, helps smooth fine lines and wrinkles. Here at AFYA, we use wrinkle injections to create smoother more youthful looking skin. While wrinkle injections might be great for wrinkles, it can also help with a surprising number...
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If we think of our body as a city, then veins are the roads that make sure everything gets to where it needs to be. But as vital as they are, highly visible veins can be a big insecurity for some people. Spider veins, in particular, are a common issue, showing up through the skin...
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Laser Hair Removal vs. Electrolysis- AFYA Skin and Body Clinic
  There are tons of hair removal options out there today. For many people, the upkeep of waxing and shaving can be too much, which causes them to turn to more permanent options. At AFYA, we offer both electrolysis and laser hair removal, and often get asked what the differences are. Here is everything you...
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